Home Visits

Need someone to take care of your pets whilst you're away?

Home Visits

Going away for the day, weekend or a fortnight in the sun? Your pet/pets couldn't be in a safer and less stressful environment as keeping them in their own home, we are here to help. When we come to your home, we will water and feed your pets, play with them and will give plenty of care, hugs and lots of love. We will also water any plants, close curtains and turn the lights on or off at your request. Upon your return we can provide a shopping service to get bread, milk and other small essentials they you may need (please inform us of this when booking) there is nothing better than getting in your own home and having a nice cuppa. Unfortunately we are not able to provide a service where we sit in with your pets.

All keys are coded so if lost or stolen no one will know the identity of the house to which they belong. If any keys should get lost or stolen they will be replaced at the cost of the company.

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